Baby sleep club
What is The Baby Sleep Club you ask? Oh, only the most amazing thing for gentle baby sleep support, EVER. With the guidance of a baby sleep support expert, you and your baby will be off to DREAMLAND before you know it. It’s a small 4-week, group program that provides real-time support while you sleep train your baby, guided by top sleep coaches with experience training hundreds of babies.

Who Needs Baby Sleep Club?

Are you dealing with:
  • Frequent night wakings?
  • Difficult bedtime put downs involving rocking, feeding, bouncing, walking, and then ever-so-gingerly tryyyyiiing to get the baby out of your arms and into the crib without waking up and starting the whole cycle over?
  • A bedtime that’s much later than you’d like?
  • A morning that starts way earlier than you’d like?
  • Short naps?
  • Naps that happen only on someone else, or in a stroller, swing, etc?
  • Trying to get rid of sleep crutches like a swaddle, pacifier, or Snoo?
  • An overtired, grumpy baby - or an overtired baby who seems happy despite being exhausted, but is actually running on adrenaline?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, we can help!!

Most babies 12 weeks+ are capable of sleeping 10-12 hours overnight (and should be doing that, with or without feeds), putting themselves to sleep EASILY at bedtime and for naps, and making their parents’ lives much easier and happier.

Imagine a world where 7 PM hits and your baby is already peacefully asleep in their crib, allowing you to eat a hot dinner, hang out with your partner or your other kids, talk to other grownups, and maybe even catch up on your TV shows? Then, you go to sleep yourself and wake up refreshed in the morning, happy to see your (also refreshed) baby and start the day.

Lots of sleep coaches will hand you a plan and say “good luck”, leaving you confused, overwhelmed, and exhausted.

We’ll hold your hand throughout the whole process, tweaking and troubleshooting along the way, helping you customize your plan for your baby and your family, and implement it in the fastest and easiest way possible for both baby and you.

What's Included:

  • A detailed plan to get you started with a range of options, depending on what you feel is best for your baby, with a schedule for reassurances (if that’s the plan you choose) and troubleshooting tips. You'll do a conference call with recording to listen to afterwards, and you’ll get the plans written out as well.
  • Supported bedtimes (this part is solid gold) - your coach will be with you, (virtually) in real time, to support and troubleshoot until your baby is asleep!
  • A private Facebook group where you can support each other and Devon can jump in to answer your question
  • Weekly Zoom Q&A Calls with Devon to deal with any bumps in the road and tailor your plan to YOUR specific needs.
  • Check-ins with Devon and each other via Facebook.
  • Wrap-up call to answer final questions and help you deal with future challenges before they arise.
  • Special rate for private calls with Devon if you have a special situation or need a little extra support.

The cost is only $500, for a lifetime of amazing sleep.


"I can't believe how easy and painless [Happy Family After] made sleep training. My 10 month old was a terrible sleeper, waking every 1-2 hours every night and barely napping during the day. With her advice, he was sleeping through by the third night! She asked all the right questions and talked me through what we would be doing. She helped me work through my fears and understand what my baby was doing and why. Having my baby on a consistent and reliable sleep schedule has been life-changing!" - Paige

"Thank you so much for all that you have given us. I'm still holding my breath a bit...wondering if it's too good to be true, but we put S down at 7:04pm and she was asleep by 7:10. She fussed one minute, found her paci, and put herself to sleep. It's unreal!" - One happy momma

"Devon was very supportive of my choice not to do a crying method. She gave me so many other great techniques to try that were so helpful and we have recently been able to put the baby down awake and he will fall asleep on his own! Devon was sure from the very beginning how close he was to this important step but she never rushed me to do it cold turkey. All of the mommies in the group are so supportive of each other and cheer each other on every night no matter how fast or slow your progress is. I can’t say enough about Devon and my fellow mommies, I could not have done it without them!" - Jenna, Mama to J, 4 months

Not sure if it’s the right time for Sleep Club for your baby? email me! I’m happy to chat and see if it’s a good fit for you. Have more questions? Check out the FAQ page!