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parenting choices

The Mama's Best Friend Difference

There are so many CHOICES in parenting. What stroller should you get, what kind of birth do you want, what color are you going to paint the nursery? And that’s all before the baby is even born – you have not known decision fatigue until you’ve had a new baby. “Is she hungry? Why is…

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Feed your newborn sushi!*

You just had your baby. She’s 3 days old and you’re heading home from the hospital. When you get home, feed your baby sushi as soon as possible. And then for the next meal, probably falafel. Because of course you want her to get used to eating a variety of foods right away! If all…

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Formula is EXPENSIVE!

Another reason to give breastfeeding a shot! Reason #3 Formula is expensive. Sure, it’s free at the hospital and you will get samples in the mail at first, but once you’re paying for it, it adds up quickly! The average baby drinks close to $2,000 worth in the first year – way more if she…

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A non-judgemental guide to Breastfeeding & Formula: how to choose

Deciding whether or not to breastfeed your baby is a big, very personal choice. There are medical, cultural, and all kinds of other factors that go into a decision whether or not to nurse your baby. Unfortunately, most of the information out there is very fraught, one way or the other – both sides can…

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I started thinking a while back that everyone has a “Super” sense. That is, one of the five that helps you define your world, your *go to* sense. When things are pleasing to this sense, they are WONDERFUL, when they are unpleasant, they are INTOLERABLE. It helps you decide how you feel about things. I…

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