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The Lost Art of Talking on the Phone

Anyone who knows me knows I love to talk. I can strike up a conversation with anyone – gas station attendants, waiters, other people on line at the grocery store – and of course, I love talking to my friends. Back in the day, before cell phones, I was on my cordless phone (that I…

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I wish I had a doula when I fostered my first kittens!

You are handed a tiny, precious being, born to this world very recently. You are completely in love. Authoritative medical figures come in with packets of paper and tons of information, and tell you lots (and LOTS) of things about this little creature, but mostly a list of safety rules and all the things you…

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Consent starts early

Last night, I wrote a Facebook post about a shocking situation I was in in my personal life and it has been shared many times. The issue of consent (ONLY YES MEANS YES) is one that I’ve been reading and thinking about a lot lately, and I’m glad it’s on everyone’s mind. This is a…

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The Mama's Best Friend Difference

There are so many CHOICES in parenting. What stroller should you get, what kind of birth do you want, what color are you going to paint the nursery? And that’s all before the baby is even born – you have not known decision fatigue until you’ve had a new baby. “Is she hungry? Why is…

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Why New Moms Don't Sleep Enough

It’s the universal lament of new parents, and what everyone tells you about having a new baby. “Get your sleep now!” “Hope you’re ready for 18 years of no sleep!” blah, blah, blah. You get less sleep with a new baby, and it’s pretty much unavoidable (unless you have overnight help). However, in my years of working…

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