Meet Devon

Hi, I’m Devon and I am completely baby crazy. I think babies are the coolest creatures on the planet, and I am the luckiest girl in the world for getting to be around them so much.

I’m a postpartum doula, parenting guide, and baby sleep coach, which are all fancy words that mean I help new parents. Help you adjust to parenthood, figure out what your baby wants (and what YOU want), and offer practical guidance and emotional support.

I’ve been compared to everyone from Rosie Pope to Olivia Pope, called an angel, a fairy godmother, and a lifesaver, but my favorite is when someone calls me “Super Devon”. I love the image of me, swooping in with a FABULOUS pink sparkly cape to get babies sleeping and parents smiling again. Hear it straight from my beloved clients, here.

Throughout my journey from teenaged babysitting tycoon to public school teacher, summer nanny, and aspiring mother, I realized that I wasn’t just there for the baby. I was there to do so much more. I was there for the parents too.

I’ve worked with parents who are CEO’s, bankers, artists, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, police officers, nurses, and doctors, and one thing they all agree on is that nothing kicks your ass like a baby.

I’ve worked with parents who used assisted reproductive technology, IVF, donor eggs, donor sperm, adoption, surrogacy (and of course those who conceived without intervention) and it makes no difference. Parents are parents. Parents who love your babies with a ferocity that can’t be measured, and who sometimes want to post them on Craigslist as “free to a good home”.


I am here to help new parents find peace of mind and confidence.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing someone is in YOUR corner at all times, supporting and advising, but never {EVER} judging. Honoring YOUR choices and helping you figure out YOUR way of doing things.

With a combination of in-person visits, calls, texts, emails, overnight stays and just being there for you, I know how to be YOUR  best friend.

Every baby is different. Every parent is different. But you are all wonderful, and deserve to feel that way.

The Team

I run a team of highly trained and experienced postpartum doulas and Newborn Care Specialists, with various educational and professional backgrounds. I will match you with one of our caregivers based on your needs, and you can rest assured that you have gotten one of the best in the business. Unlike a nanny agency, we’re not a revolving door of candidates - I know everyone on the team personally and we work together seamlessly. 

Most of our clients work with a team of 2-3 care providers, to ensure maximum availability and flexibility for you. You’ll never have to go without care if your regular person is sick or committed to another client. Plus, baby arrivals can be so unpredictable – it’s nice to know you’re covered no matter what happens. 

Want to see how I can help YOU be the best parent you can be, positively submerged in skillful support?

Types of Care


Newborn Care Packages

Packages start at 100 hours. Perfect for daytime, overnight, evening, weekend – whatever you’d like! Can be a committed schedule or flexible.

Short-term 24 hour care (3-7 days)

Great for the first few days and nights home, travel, one parent needing additional support while the other is away, etc.


Long-term 24/7 care

Need more than a week? We can create a custom package based on your needs. Please contact for information.