Overnight Doula Services: a.k.a. Unicorn Rides

Imagine waking up and riding a unicorn down a rainbow of well-rested joy.

(Ok, we can’t guarantee the appearance of unicorns or rainbows, but we CAN ensure the most rest and peace of mind you’ve gotten in weeks - or months - which is bound to feel like a unicorn ride.)

Hiring an Overnight Doula is truly one of the most magical things you can do for your sanity and the health of your family.

Our Postpartum Doulas are also Newborn Care Specialists, which means they are trained and experienced in caring for your newborn - while you sleep.

Your Overnight Doula will arrive at your home in the evening and she will:

  • Talk with you a bit to digest the day and answer any questions you might have
  • Let you fall asleep in peace
  • Keep a watchful eye on your little angel while she folds your laundry, washes bottles/dinner dishes/whatever
  • Bring the baby to you for nursing when it’s time, or bottle feed if that’s your jam
  • Let you fall back asleep in peace
  • Take care of any burping, poopy diaper changing, re-swaddling, or settling back to sleep
  • Work toward naturally improving your baby’s sleep
  • Let you continue sleeping in peace

The Result?

You wake up, ride a unicorn out of your bedroom, or possibly slide down a rainbow, refreshed and ready to have an awesome day with your baby!

Depending on your preferred schedule, you may want to enjoy coffee and breakfast before taking over baby duty, or even *gasp* have a long, hot shower.

By the way, twin parents find overnight care incredibly helpful, too. Doulas are experienced in juggling more than one baby, so all parents can get a good night’s sleep.

coffee morning

Concerned about bonding time?

There are some who think that having overnight help takes away from the parents’ bonding time. Let me let you in on a little secret – you’re not missing much. The babies will mostly noisily sleep, poop, or be a bit fussy. Your doula is not having long bonding moments with your baby while you dream about Ryan Gosling your hubby. She is listening to him grunt, snuffle, and fart. She may have to hold him for a while, sitting up, because that’s the only way to keep him asleep. You do this PLENTY during the day, I’m sure! 2-3 (or even 5-7) nights a week of overnight care is going to make you a happier, healthier, better rested parent for your little one(s) during the day, I promise. And that is worth its weight in gold!

Unicorn Rides

Overnight Doula Care

    • Long term but flexible
    • As many nights as you need each week - the more the better!
    • Customized live-in packages are available
    • Price ranges from $56/hour, but inquire to receive your custom plan

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