We Are Hiring!

Are you an amateur baby snuggler who’d like to become a professional?
Are you a professional baby snuggler who’d like to work with a booming agency?

What you'll do:

You’ll provide overnight care for (healthy) newborns in their homes by supporting new parents and growing families. You’ll instill nighttime habits that allow parents to rest, help with feeding support and general baby care, and you’ll also offer practical advice and routines that will allow clients to grow confident in their abilities to care for their family.

  • Work a rewarding job with a flexible schedule.
  • Receive competitive pay as a contractor ($27-35+/hr depending on experience and workload).

Benefits of Happy Family After:


Ease. Happy Family After handles all of the back-end work from marketing to contracts to payments. We have all the systems in place that keep things running smoothly so that you can show up and shine as a fantastic caregiver.


Flexibility. As an independent contractor, you get to choose your schedule. Take clients and shifts as your availability and interest allows so that you can work hard some weeks and can plan vacations, personal time, and time-off as you want.


Great Pay for Your Work. Happy Family After is committed to your success and sustainability. We want you to achieve your goals and have a career that feeds you. Typical pay is $27-35/hour, with additional holiday pay and travel fees offered.


Support. By joining a fun, fantastic team of doulas you'll have encouragement, mentorship and support from your teammates.


Professional Development. Enjoy optional continuing education and ongoing peer-support from colleagues. We love doulas who want to keep building their skills!

Are you for us?

Check out the list below to see if you're a good fit!

You’re an experienced caretaker of infants and newborns and can show new parents the ropes. Maybe you’re a former nurse or nanny. Or maybe you’re a teacher, parent, grandparent, or cousin who loves babies. 

You’re a natural nurturer who loves helping people feel more confident and cared for. You take pride in doing that little extra bit that helps someone feel like they matter. You tend to think ahead in situations about what someone might need, and offer to help.

You like teaching others and are able to explain the same concept in multiple ways. Excellent caregivers are able to communicate clearly, respectfully and effectively with clients and their families. 

You’re reliable and have some availability in your current schedule. Postpartum doulas should anticipate sometimes taking last-minute work. Being available to clients, sometimes on short notice, is a necessary part of this role. Your clients depend on your support in these early, urgent weeks to ease the sense of overwhelm that can often occur for new parents.

You already have or are willing to get required training and certifications as a Newborn Care Specialist or Postpartum and/or Birth Doula. We like ProDoula or Los Angeles Doula for people with experience under their belt. Newborn Care Training Academy is a good option for people with little to no newborn care experience.

You’re interested in working overnights! Typical overnight hours are 10-12 hours, such as 9pm-7am, 8pm-6am, 7pm-7pm. Our core team of caregivers usually works 2-5 nights a week. Unlike some night jobs, we can often catch a nap while babies sleep, so many people can balance overnights with a part-time day job, school work or parenting.

You already have, or are willing to get, a current TDAP booster and Covid-19 vaccine.

You’re easy to get along with and love different kinds of people. We live by a philosophy of non-judgemental, unbiased support. Our clients are from all kinds of cultural backgrounds, parenting styles, and family types.

You’re a team player who is flexible with your caregiving style and can collaborate with other doulas.

Where We Serve

We’re New York, New Jersey, and Philadephia’s foremost postpartum and newborn care agency. We also support Connecticut, Maryland, and are expanding to new areas in the northeast and south as we speak.

Apply Today!

Fill out this application and send a short email to introduce yourself to relationships@happyfamilyafter.com! If we think you’re a good fit for the team, we’ll reach out to you to schedule an interview.