Live-In Doula Care To Support Newborns & Parents

In-home infant care from expert Doulas

What could be better than having round-the-clock support for your infant AND you? Someone to care for you during your recovery and guide you through the first stages of new parenthood, to make sure everyone is fed (not just baby!), nursery is organized, hospital bags are unpacked, and you start parenting this baby feeling capable, confident, and RESTED!

Your Newborn Care Specialist or Doula will help you with everything surrounding your transition into the next stage of your family life with baby, day and night.

Why Parents Hire a Live-In Doula

If overnight care is a unicorn ride, a live-in doula is like inviting THE practically perfect in every way (*you know who*) caregiver to move in and care for both you and your baby!

Continuous In-Home Physical and Emotional Support

A live-in doula offers round-the-clock support from the moment you arrive home with your little one. They’ll work with you to establish schedules for feedings, naps, changes, etc. and share guidance about common postpartum challenges like healing for the birthing person and parental self care.

Doulas also offer emotional support, helping you navigate the emotional challenges of postpartum recovery, especially if you have concerns about postpartum depression or anxiety. They provide constant reassurance and support so you feel safe to ask questions about both your baby’s care and to voice concerns about your own well-being.

Your live-in doula will also help with daytime household tasks and routines to ease the burden of washing, washing, and more washing during those first weeks with your child. Can they wave a magic wand and *poof!* your home is tidy, organized, and ready for a dinner party? Not quite! But you will have clean bottles and baby clothes, a tidy nursery, and someone to help with small tasks like dishes and the occasional meal.

Newborn Care

Your live-in doula will assist with newborn care and breastfeeding / body feeding support, and can share ways for you to maximize your bonding experience with your baby.

Who benefits most from Live-In Doulas?

New Parents: Families who are feeling uncertain and want someone to guide them through EVERYTHING - baby care, recovery, organizing, routines and scheduling, household chores, sleep shaping and naps, and so on. Basically a baby concierge to answer all the many, many questions you NEVER in your life thought you’d ask like “Is this the correct nipple size?” and “Why does my baby’s poop look like THAT?” Translation:  “We don’t have a clue and want HELP!”

Working Families: Families in which only one parent or neither parent has much leave from work and they need someone to get them into the swing of things FAST!

Single Parents: Similar to the above, plus you’ll have the gentle ear of another person who can help reassure you with non-judgmental support every step of the way.

Families with little local support: Maybe you’re new to an area or don’t have a lot of friends and family nearby. Having someone’s help round the clock ensures you’re cared for, your home is in good shape, and you have the rest and support you need.

Families with Multiples: This is a BIG one! We often recommend that parents with two or more babies start with at least 5 full 20/7 or 24/7 live-in shifts to get everything kick started and in tip-top shape.

What to do after Live-In Doula care?

You may be asking, “My live-in doula is only going to be with me for a few days or a few weeks. What do I do next?”

Most people don’t solely utilize live-in support. We often recommend starting with at least 3 round-the-clock shifts (up to a few weeks) followed by overnight care for as long as you wish until your baby is developmentally ready to sleep through the night on their own. Starting strong and tapering care prevents you from having to go cold-turkey from the excellent support of your doula team so on their last day with you, you’ll have the confidence to know you can go it alone and will do GREAT!

Choose the Live-In Doula Care Package that meets your family’s needs and budget

Live-In Care
20/7 Care: $1,150/day
24/7 Care: $1,350/day

Best for: Families who want the ULTIMATE support of a doula by their side 24 hours a day as they bring their new baby home.

Custom packages are available for longer term 24/7 care.

Live-In Care Plus
Exclusive, Consecutive Care

Customize a specific package for your needs.

Call us to discuss special options for you and your growing family.

In-Home Doulas

Live-In Doula Care

  • Flexible and customizable
  • No huge commitment involved: You can start with as little as our 4 hour shift minimum
  • Rates start at $1,150/day for 20/7 Care and $1,350/day for 24/7 Care.

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