Daytime Care with Super Doulas


Cue the dramatic music…

It’s Super Doula to the rescue!

Geared at first time parents who want well-trained, super-experienced help in anything and everything from breastfeeding to meal prep to light housekeeping to organizing baby stuff, our Super Doulas are here for you.

When you’re a new parent, there are SO many things to manage and so many questions that come up in the process.

Imagine having someone right there next to you who’s been through it already hundreds of times and knows exactly what to do to get you feeling confident and calm.

It’s like parent training and baby care all rolled into one beautiful Superhero of a woman.

Let us come to YOUR rescue.

Super Doulas

Daytime Doula Care

  • Flexible and customizable
  • No huge commitment involved: You can start with as little as our 4 hour shift minimum
  • Rates start at $70/hour and packages are available

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