Daytime Doula Care: a.k.a. Super Doulas


Cue the dramatic music…

You need a Daytime Doula!

Geared at first time parents who want well-trained, super-experienced help in anything and everything from breastfeeding to meal prep to light housekeeping to organizing baby stuff, our Super Doulas are here for you.

When you’re a new parent, there are SO many things to manage and so many questions that come up in the process.

Imagine having someone right there next to you who’s been through it already hundreds of times and knows exactly what to do to get you feeling confident and calm.

It’s like parent training and baby care all rolled into one beautiful Superhero of a woman.

Let us come to YOUR rescue.

Why Parents Hire a Doula for Daytime Care

Let’s face it: newborn’s don’t exactly come with a clear instruction manual. As a parent, you likely have 25 questions a day (or an hour!) pop into your head. Having daytime doula support at can help you get all the answers to your questions — in real time!

Newborn Care: Breastfeeding and Sleep Support

Especially for first time parents, there’s so much to learn, from bathing and soothing to learning how to understand what your baby really needs.

A postpartum doula can offer guidance and support with breastfeeding, help you and baby develop a strong and comfortable nursing relationship, and establish eat-play-sleep schedules. These can be crucial for the overall well-being of both the parents and the baby.

Self Care and Emotional Support

Doulas often emphasize the importance of self-care for mothers. They may encourage moms to take breaks, rest, and engage in activities that promote relaxation and well-being.

Trained to provide emotional support to new mothers as they navigate the challenges and adjustments that come with motherhood having someone to talk to and share experiences with throughout your day can be immensely reassuring.

Household Task Assistance

Postpartum doulas can assist with light household tasks, allowing parents to focus on recovery and bonding with the baby. This can include meal preparation, light cleaning, and running errands.

Customized Care:

Every family is unique, and a daytime doula can tailor their support to the specific needs and preferences of the family. This personalized approach can enhance the overall experience of the postpartum period.

Daytime Doula Care Packages to match your family’s needs and budget

A La Carte
4 Hour Shift Minimum - $85/hour

Best for: Parents who don’t quite know what they need, but know they need help. Get some support as you add a new family member, or learn the ropes if it’s your first.

Looks like: Lots of hands-on teaching and help getting organized. Typically used for daytime shifts over the first 3-6 weeks. Book one visit or many.

Flexible Care
100 Hours Package - $75/hr

Best for: Parents who love the idea of care but want a lot of flexibility. Also great for parents who want a mix of days and overnights.

Looks like: We’ll create a schedule week to week, based on your changing needs for ultimate flexibility. You can do as much as you want beyond this – adding as much time as you’d like at the same rate.

Super Doulas

Daytime Doula Care

  • Flexible and customizable
  • No huge commitment involved: You can start with as little as our 4 hour shift minimum
  • Rates start at $75/hour and packages are available

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