No sleep is no joke

Both you and your baby need sleep into order to function optimally, yet it can be the most challenging thing to achieve and maintain.

Why is something so natural so tough?

Maybe your baby has no predictability, no schedule, no routine.

Maybe you’ve spent hours trying to put your baby to bed with no luck.

Maybe you’ve read all the books and blogs but still feel defeated.

Welcome to the growing army of parents who want their sleep - and their baby’s sleep - back.

We got you.

Despite the voices in your head telling you otherwise, you aren’t supposed to know how to do it all AND get sleep.

We hear parents all the time who tell themselves things like:

“If you didn’t want to go through this, why did you have kids? It’s part of the job.”

“Sleep training is bad… suck it up! They need you.”

But guess what?

Those are just misconceptions. It’s possible to be an amazing, present, loving parent AND be well-rested at the same time.

We’ve been helping families get their sleep back for years, and would be thrilled to do the same for you and yours.

Just imagine

  • Getting sleep!
  • Feeling like you can be a better parent during the day.
  • Letting go of the tired zombie look.

We work with first-time parents, second-time (or third/fourth/etc) parents, and parents of multiples.

Depending the age of your sleepless child, we’ll help you get the rest you need with the option best suited for your needs:

If your baby is under 3 months old,

Overnight Support is ideal for you.

We started calling this service “Unicorn Rides” because of the way moms feel waking up in the morning after support: refreshed and rested! Overnight doulas give you the ability to get a good night’s rest, and the peace of mind knowing your baby is being taken care of. While they are there, our doulas will sleep train your baby for you so that the Zzzzs last well beyond the time we spend with you.

If your baby is 12 weeks old (or will be soon)

Sleep Coaching is for you.

We will fix your problem and get you sleeping soundly in anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. Our 2-3 day in-home intensive service is the most popular, and yields the quickest results, and we also have options for those who prefer remote coaching and group support with other moms.

Get in touch and let’s get you started with support today.