Start Your Nanny Search In The Summer

Finally, it is summer! The heat is settling in and the beach is calling, but before you fall asleep in your beach chair for the next few months, here is a piece of advice. If you are going to need a nanny come the school year, get started on that search now! Giving yourself at least 8 weeks to find a nanny is the best way to set your family up for success. This gives adequate time to search, interview, and place the nanny in your home. If things don’t work out with the first nanny, having that extra buffer time means you won’t be scrambling to settle on one that just isn’t the right fit. 

We’ve been helping our clients find their ideal nanny for years. Let us help YOU match with your perfect long-term caregiver. We can also help train your nanny in how to work with YOUR family and make sure everyone’s needs are met. 

How It Works

  • We do a comprehensive phone call where we dig into everything you want and need in a nanny, what your priorities are, and what your expectations are for the role. 
  • We create a job listing and put it out to our vast networks of caregivers and popular search sites
  • We filter through the MANY applications received to find the best preliminary candidates, who we then conduct phone interviews with and contact their references
  • We give you a detailed summary of each of our favorite 3 candidates and introduce you so YOU can meet them in person before deciding! 
  • If you like one of these, we move on to help you finalize the job offer and contract. If not, you give us your feedback and we use it to keep looking! Most of our clients find their match in the first 3 candidates, but we’re happy to keep looking until we find the perfect one.  

Get Started

Are you ready to start your nanny search? Leave it up to us to find the perfect nanny for your family. Click here to get started!