The Mama’s Best Friend Difference

There are so many CHOICES in parenting. What stroller should you get, what kind of birth do you want, what color are you going to paint the nursery? And that’s all before the baby is even born – you have not known decision fatigue until you’ve had a new baby. “Is she hungry? Why is she crying? Is something wrong? or She’s asleep! Should I eat or take a sho–zzzzzzz… If you choose to hire a postpartum doula to help you make sense of all of these questions and uncertainties, which one should you hire? This answer, at least, is crystal clear – Happy Family After.


9 of our 12 amazing team members!


What sets MBF apart from other doulas? Why should you choose US to help shepherd you through the most important time of your life?

  1. Experience – Our doulas have over 20 years combined experience in postpartum care, and have worked thousands of hours with our clients. A doula who only trained a year ago has already worked over 1,800 hours, which is more than some can claim after 5 years experience. We have seen it ALL – which means we can provide true non-judgmental support specific to YOU and YOUR baby. And if your doula hasn’t seen it, someone else has, because of…
  2. Teamwork – When I say “we”, I actually mean it. There are 12 elite doulas on the Happy Family After team, helping clients all over NJ and NYC in pairs or threes. Because we work as a team, you have the benefit of the experience and support of MANY doulas instead of just one. Each member is handpicked by me (Devon) and works hard for her clients. You may be thinking “I really just want one consistent person”, and we get that. But we’re all just people, even solo doulas. Stuff happens – illness, emergency, other clients extending their care – so even if it seems like one person is caring for you, you may be sent a backup you’ve never met or worse – left high and dry! Once you experience the ultimate care and flexibility having two (or more) doulas provides, you will be a convert. And if needed, there is a whole team who has your back should an emergency arise.
  3. Availability – Want 24/7 care? You got it! Want 7 overnights a week? We’re yours. Think you want days but then decide nights are better? (I’m not going to say I told you so) – you’re covered. Our team will do whatever it takes to get you the care you want, because this is our full-time job. And since we’re exclusively postpartum, you don’t have to worry about your doula getting called to a birth in the middle of her shift.
  4. Professionalism – More than one client has told me “I called a bunch of doulas and you’re the only one who called me back.” While this makes me sad for my industry, it shows me that MBF is head and shoulders above the competition in this area. We respond to emails and calls promptly (usually the same day), and all of our “business side” is handled through professional programs and channels. Allyson is our resident spreadsheet sorceress and she keeps all of that running smoothly. Any questions or concerns you have about those things can be directed to her and she’ll get right back to you.
  5. Mentorship – As a busy solo doula, I was turning clients away because I was too booked to help them. Now, I can train and mentor my contractor doulas in all of my magical ways, arming them with the knowledge and confidence they need to go out and do this work. When a newly trained doula joins our team, we all work together to make sure she can rock it from her very first client visit. She is paired with someone more experienced for her first few clients, so you both have complete support.
  6. Certification & Training – All of our doulas are trained by ProDoula, the best certifying organization there is. The certification process consists of 3 client evaluations, a comprehensive research paper/test, and 4 essays based on reading material specific to breastfeeding and postpartum depression. Several of us are certified, several are on their way to being so – because we feel that certification with a trusted organization is very important in helping doulas as an industry gain support and give peace of mind to parents.

Are you ready to book the BEST postpartum doulas in NJ, to help you navigate the zillion decisions you have to make as a new parent? Head over here to contact us!


  1. Tishsa on January 7, 2016 at 12:11 am

    Very well written! This makes me want to hire you right now. Unfortunately I don’t live in the same state or have a baby. I love the presentation of your company!