What To Do With Baby Gifts You Don’t Want Or Need

Did you end up with unwanted or unnecessary gifts for your baby over the holiday season? If you received more blankets than you know what to do with, you are not alone! Parents all too often feel guilty or torn about what to do with these gifts. Always receive gifts with grace and gratitude. What you decide to do with them afterward is entirely up to you! Try not to worry about awkward encounters down the road, as the majority of gift-givers will never follow up and may even forget what they got you in the first place! Whether these gifts aren’t in line with your own parenting philosophy, or simply aren’t up to your standards, there are many options for repurposing them. 


Donating can help you feel good about parting ways with your unwanted gifts. It is also discrete! If you want to avoid the possibility of the gift giver finding out you returned their item, this is a great way to do that. There are many donation options out there. You can go the traditional route and bring gifts to the Goodwill, Salvation Army, or a thrift store that supports a cause of your liking. Facebook is another avenue to explore. There are many local “buy nothing” groups where you can list items for free! You can also check out parenting groups or neighborhood exchanges to find someone in your local community. 


The COVID baby boom is still among us so you might be able to pass on your newly acquired gifts to another parent in need. Keep the gift wrapped in the original packaging so it looks brand new! 


Did the gift come with a receipt? Take it back and exchange it for something you like! If the gift came with the receipt, then the person who gave it likely does not care if you bring it back. They gave you the receipt after all! To avoid a possible faux pas, know that there is a possibility that they will be alerted that you returned or exchanged the items.  

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