Caring For Twins | Professional Development

 The Magical Octopus

Calling all Doulas, NCS, Nannies (and even new parents). You feel confident caring for one baby – you’re awesome at it – but you want to really blow new parents away with your expertise and aplomb, and also get some sleep on those twin overnights while both babies sleep gently through the night. Join me for this 90 minute* video class – with live Q&A at the end – and learn them all. 

What you’ll learn

  • Scheduling Secrets – should twins be on the same schedule, and how do you make that happen?
  • Tracking – includes digital copies of my custom log forms
  • Sleep! – conditioning newborn twin sleep to get them sleeping through the night
  • Coaching twin parents and helping them be independent
  • *How to be a Magical Octopus* – the ultimate secret to juggling two babies
  • Essential twin tools
  • Feeding two (or more!) babies at once
  • Common twin parent struggles and how to support them
  • What to do when it all goes haywire

You’ll also get

  • Digital copies of my custom twin log forms for printing and/or tweaking however you’d like.
  • Lifetime access to any future versions of this workshop that I do.

Professional Development Courses

Are you a sleep coach, doula, NCS, nanny, or one in training? In addition to serving families directly, Happy Family After is proud to train and support sleep coaches everywhere via our online training courses.

Learn more about the Magical Octopus here.

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