Finding Your New Normal. 7 Practical Tips For New Daddy After Childbirth

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It’s normal for dads to find it hard to cope with the first few weeks and months of being a dad. It is a new experience that many first-time dads have no way to prepare for.

Even if you’ve tried to get prepare for months in advance it can still be a challenging role to come to terms with.

This article will help you jump from being a husband (or partner) to a fully operating dad equipped with the hidden knowledge all-new dads should acknowledge.

Remember, it’s ok to have parental questions, no parent knows exactly what they are doing at the start.

Being accessible and proactive is key to creating the right mindset to become a fully-fledged dad!

Finding Your New Normal. 7 Practical Tips For New Daddy After Childbirth

1. A Mindset Shift

You’ll struggle to come to terms with finding your feet if you don’t come to terms with the inescapable truth that life is different now.

Remembering how much easier it was before the baby arrived and how much spare time you once had is valuable but not relevant. If you want to transition into your new role fast, try to consider the future and how capable you can be.

2. Roll Up Your Sleeves (sooner rather than later)

Many dads try to dodge everyday duties not realizing that it does more harm than good. If you run away from your responsibilities you are not only making it more difficult for your other half, but you also miss out on essential bonding with your new baby.

Let’s take changing diapers as an illustration. You can make this duty your main one as it can be done day or night and is a continuous task.

Think of it as unique bonding time for you and your newborn and get imaginative with this role. Sing, dance, and pull funny faces to keep your baby interested and engaged while you get down to the business!

Also, smart products like a baby carrier will help you to bond with baby and simultaneously get things done around the house!

3. Empathy Rules!

Many men find it hard to deal with sustained no intimacy rules. While being intimate is normal pre-pregnancy, (and is often recommended) post-pregnancy, things can change quickly.

Having a baby changes the dynamic of the connection between you and your partner and you have to remember that the needs of your baby will always come first.

Furthermore, your partner’s body will have shifted significantly during pregnancy, childbirth and will need time to recover.

4. Always Keep Trying

Being a new dad creates a world of new responsibilities and commitments. These new roles are chances for practical dads to take the reins and learn more about themselves and their kids.

Very young babies will inherently need more mummy time especially if they are breastfeeding. You won’t be able to help much with that, but there are a ton of other things that you can do.

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Things like:

    • Sterilising bottles,
    • Bathing Duties
    • Preparing baby clothes,
    • Burping duties,
    • Playtime duties
    • Preparing babies bags
    • Reading baby books

Always keep looking for smart ways to help. In the long run, you’ll get more skilled at the day-to-day duties and this will remove a huge burden from your partner.

5. Never Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Asking for help is a powerful tip all new dads should embrace. However, some dads suffer from the “know it all” complex.

Asking for assistance regularly is an essential requirement for successful parenting.

It’s likely someone you know will have gone through very similar circumstances that you are going through right now and will be able to provide some insight or tips to make things more manageable.

Seek out knowledge from senior family members, friends who have kids or even a local religious leader.

6. Pause Your Social Life

New dads should spend as much time at home in the early days as feasible. Finding your feet as a parent can be difficult and you must be around to provide fundamental assistance.

Keep friends and other social events on pause for a while. You’ll only be missing out on a handful of events and those that truly love you will understand.

7. Don’t Forget About 1 On 1 Time!

It’s not uncommon for both parents to go through big changes both mentally and physically after having a baby. While this is common, you need to remember that finding your new routine doesn’t mean letting go of all of your former self.

Find time to remember all of the little things that you appreciate about your other half. Simple things like running a warm bath, rubbing her feet and help cook and clean won’t go unnoticed.

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