Is Your Baby Getting Enough To Eat?

Feeding Is Key For Sleep

One of the most common issues we see when it comes to babies not sleeping through the night has to do with feeding! One of the worst things we hear from parents is, “they took a 5 hour nap today without feeding.” If your baby isn’t eating during the day, they will most definitely be hungry at night! One way we like to make sure babies are getting enough to eat is by feeding them at least every 3 hours. This means you should be waking them up to feed them. Doing so means they will be well fed and able to sleep better through the night. Who doesn’t want that?

Feeding Every 3 Hours

When you have little babies, feeding every 3 hours is generally good spacing. If they need to eat more often than every 3 hours, we recommend trying to feed them more during feedings rather than more frequently. You can do this by taking a 5-10 minute break and then offering more food or just feeding for a bit longer than normal. Feeding them every 3 hours breaks down to about 5-6 feedings per day. The best way we have found to create this route is by implementing a bookend schedule.

Bookend Schedule

A bookend schedule means that the baby starts and ends their day at the same time. Do whatever works for you, but we see parents most commonly choosing 7am-7pm. With this schedule, your first feeding should be right at 7am even if they ate a couple hours before! The goal is to get them onto a predictable feeding schedule. From the moment they start their day, you should be aiming to feed every 3 hours. If you get a little off track during the day, that is ok! Just make sure the last feed happens at 7pm. 

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By getting your baby on a consistent feeding schedule, you are setting them up to sleep through the night. This means a better night’s sleep for you, too! We know that being a new parent can be overwhelming. We are here to help new parents find peace of mind and confidence. We can help YOU be the best parent you can be…positively submerged in skillful support. Interested in learning more? Contact us here! Also, you can access our full library of video content when you register for any of our webinars or sign up for our newsletter!