Confessions of a Corporate Go-getter Mom

Doula Services

Postpartum frustrations, sleep deprivation, and the postpartum doula who had the answers “My hypothetical kids were overachievers”… and other things I learned from having a postpartum doula It was 3 a.m. and the baby was crying for the umpteenth time in a handful of hours. I sat up in bed, rolled my eyes at my…

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Let’s talk about sex BABY

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it seems sex is everywhere. The aisles of every store are packed with red roses, lingerie, and heart-shaped everything. The radio ads reminding you that ‘if you love her, you’ll buy her diamonds’ are frequent. It seems every direction you turn, everything is adorned in pink and red, the socially-accepted…

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Postpartum Recovery (Part 1): The neglected 4th trimester

Mom with baby

The countdown is on until your baby’s arrival and you’ve been preparing for nine long months. Your refrigerator is sporting the latest black and white ultrasound snaps of your little cherub. The nursery is freshly painted, the crib has been assembled, and you’ve spent the last three Saturdays taking a birthing class, building nursery furniture…

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3 Common Myths About Your Baby’s Sleep

Baby in Crib

and What You Really Need to Know Instead Sleep is one of the greatest areas of struggle for parents of infants. Studies have consistently shown that not getting enough sleep puts caregivers at higher risk of postpartum mood disorders, marital difficulties, and reporting decreased overall satisfaction with parenting. Emerging research also continues to show that…

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Planning to Hire a Night Nurse? Perhaps Reconsider….

Postpartum care with a doula

When preparing for the arrival of a baby, it seems one thing there is never a shortage of are other peoples’ opinions — and questions. How to give birth, how to feed them, whether to put them on a schedule or follow their demands as they come. Who’s going to wake up with the baby…

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