Meet MY babies…

Every time I meet with a new client, they ask me, “Are you ok with pets?” and I always reply that if I weren’t, I’d be out of a job. It seems as if everyone’s *first baby* has fur (or fins, or feathers). While my nomad lifestyle of the past few years wasn’t conducive to pets of my own, I always loved meeting new furry friends, especially cats.

One of  the big draws for me of finally “settling down” in an apartment (and oh, how the mighty have domesticated – I even joined Costco!), was the chance to get some furbabies of our own, and two weeks ago, we did just that! Meet Nikola (aka Niko):

and Tesla (aka Tess):

They are AMAZING. Niko is a little wild man, running all over the place, batting at his sister’s tail – he’s such a little brother. She is our little clinger – loves sleeping in between us and if she’s not running full-tilt down the hallway, she’s sitting on one of our laps, or riding around on Tim’s shoulder. They were named after Nikola Tesla, obviously – this is what happens when you live with a scientist 😉

Stay tuned for many, many kitten updates in the coming weeks – Plans include making my own raw cat food and teaching them to use the toilet!

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