Introducing the Parenthood Prep Podcast!

Parenthood Prep with Devon Clement

As a brand-new parent or a parent-to-be, you want to be sure that you have ALL the knowledge and information you need to care for your baby. But with so much guidance out there, it can feel exhausting to dig through it all to get to the most important stuff. 

What are the essentials? 

What exactly do you need to know for those early days of parenthood, and what can be tossed aside?

And how on earth do you find this information when you are BEYOND EXHAUSTED, and severely lacking sleep? 

I’m Devon Clement, a baby and parenting expert with more than 20 years of experience. I have worked with thousands of frazzled parents and families, and my depth of experience with babies and children is what led me to create Parenthood Prep. I cut through the overwhelming range of information out there, and get to what you really need to know, so you can maintain your sanity, approach parenting with peace and confidence, and most importantly, access sound sleep for you and your baby. 

Sleep deprivation does NOT have to be your reality, and no matter your beliefs, background, or family structure, I’m here to help. I offer non-judgmental, non-dogmatic support for whatever style of parenting works for you, and I help you figure out YOUR way of doing things. 

Each week, I’ll share practical tips, tools, and strategies to help you navigate those all-important early years with your baby, and celebrate the joys of new parenthood, without the sleepless nights.

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Click the links below to listen to the first episodes:
    • Ep #1: How To Get More Sleep as a New Parent: Hear some simple, practical tips that you can use right now so you can start to see a world where you can get to bed earlier, sleep later into the morning, or get better-quality sleep during the night.
    • Ep 2: 7 Reasons Not To Breastfeed: Find out some reasons you shouldn’t breastfeed, chest-feed, or body-feed, and why not breastfeeding is absolutely a choice that is available to you. 
    • Ep #3: How To Make Time for Yourself With a Baby: Discover some of the most common challenges parents face when it comes to managing their time and some simple but valuable tips to help you manage your time more effectively with a baby.

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