I started thinking a while back that everyone has a “Super” sense. That is, one of the five that helps you define your world, your *go to* sense. When things are pleasing to this sense, they are WONDERFUL, when they are unpleasant, they are INTOLERABLE. It helps you decide how you feel about things. I also suspect that certain ailments are related to your SuperSense, but that will come later.

Mine is Touch – I knit, I pet my cats, I love to hold babies (probably why I love Babywearing so much!). I only wear clothes that are super soft and comfy – I hate synthetic fibers, unless it’s a minky or cuddly fleece or that amazing new fluffy microfiber they’re making things out of. If something feels itchy or scratchy or anything other than super soft, I can’t have it next to my skin. My mom described one of my cardigans as feeling like “silky water”. I rub anything soft against my face as much as I can.

My sister’s is Smell – she can identify a smell through time and space. She’ll walk into a room and tell you, “This smells like the coat closet in my second grade classroom.” She also tells me when I have bad breath, even if I’m standing on the other side of the room. Thanks, Sis. She looooves things to be clean and fresh smelling, and one of the major things that helps her decide how she feels about someone is how they smell. My best friend is the same way – she can identify most major colognes just from someone walking by.


My mother’s is Hearing – she has a deep, soothing voice, and my… shall we say, boisterous? 😉 nature always kind of drove her crazy. She also LOVES music – Hearing types need some kind of background noise pretty much constantly, music or tv or talk radio or something.


Two of my good friends are Sight – they always keep a neat house {or at least would like to}, and can’t really decide how they feel about something until they see it. Things being out of place make them crazy. I sometimes REALLY wish this was my SuperSense ~ one look around my apartment will tell you it’s not!!



Think about it, and think about how it affects your parenting. Are you a Hearing, who hates to hear your baby cry or your kids screaming in excitement? Are you constantly wiping the counter? Do you freak out when you see toys strewn all over the place? Do you want to hold your baby all the time but people {ahem… mother in law…} keep telling you you’ll “spoil” her?

Keep your {and your kids’!} sense preference in mind when thinking about this sort of thing, and especially when taking well-meant advice from others.  Most people I’ve spoken to can figure theirs out pretty much right away. What’s yours? How about your kids’?



  1. Sayira Valdez on December 23, 2011 at 3:28 am

    Well, no kids yet – looking forward to that adventure though, and have already hired you in my mind when the time comes 🙂

    As for my sense preference, it’s touch…although it took me into my 30’s to (re)learn this. I had subsumed this sense and stuck to trying to use my eyes as hands…which makes for some very odd languaging when I describe my sense of things. It was a shock realizing this…not to mention the major change it made in my life to reclaim this approach towards the world.

    My favorite soothing sense activity – cuddling up to anything made of chenille…the bigger the better so I can disappear into it!

  2. Kimberly Vaughn on February 5, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    I would say mine is Sight. I like things to be clean and in order, and basically just how they are supposed to be. If they aren’t, it bugs me! 🙂

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