The safety issue you probably haven’t thought of.

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I took a client’s twins out for a walk in the stroller so she could get some much needed rest. If you’ve ever been to New York City, especially near Central Park, you know that there are some CA-RAZY drivers who will run you over as soon as look at you. While attempting to cross the street, we almost got nailed by a cab running a red light! Thankfully, everyone was fine, but it got me thinking – what if something HAD happened while I was out with her kiddos? I started thinking of other possible scenarios – what if the nanny had a brain aneurysm, or Grandma had a heart attack or a stroke, or or or. (I am not usually a catastrophic thinker but something about a baby brings out anxieties you never knew you had.)

I carry ID on me, but they’re not my kids. What if I (or god forbid, we) had gotten hit and knocked out? The police would come, and they would have no way to contact the mama, no way to know where the kids live or who they were or how to find her in my phone. My client would wake from her nap and be worried sick that we hadn’t returned, and who knows how long it would be before they were able to contact her?

So I had a brilliant idea – make a card to attach to the stroller that’s like a luggage tag, and holds the kids’ info. Just in case. I had my brilliant designer whip up a printable for you! They’re based on these laminating pouches from Staples, if you want to get really fancy about it and laminate them!

And, if you’re worried about the info getting out, just put it in a closed luggage tag or small envelope, so that it’s only opened in case something happens and your kids’ name and address isn’t out there for the world to see. Stick one in your diaper bag and one in the stroller, and have the peace of mind that you will be contacted immediately if anything happens while they’re out with someone else.

Download them here:



  1. Amber on August 13, 2015 at 1:49 am

    Brilliant! Great idea.

  2. Missy on August 13, 2015 at 1:38 pm

    Great idea! Thank you for not only thinking of it, but for making one to share with us! It might be a great thing, even for us Birth Doulas, to share on our postpartum visits, in case they don’t have a Postpartum Doula scheduled. You rock! Let’s hope none of them are ever needed…