A Bottle Episode

Even if you’re a breastfeeding mama, chances are you will need to know about bottles eventually – whether you are going back to work or just want a break every now and then, it’s good to have the right tools for the job.

Want to know a secret? You really can’t go wrong. All of the bottle companies will tell you why theirs is the best and causes the least gas, colic, and spit-up, but I haven’t seen a remarkable difference in any of those factors. There are, however, other factors you might want to consider when choosing a bottle “system” for your little one. I say system because bottles are remarkably complicated nowadays! More than just bottle, nipple, and collar (the little plastic ring that holds the nipple), they now have straws, vents, adapters, discs, so many little pieces to use (and wash!) that it will make your head spin.

Comparing different bottles – which is the best?

My favorite, and what I think are the simplest bottles, are the Playtex Nursers – they use a disposable liner, either flat or Drop-In, they come in super cute prints and colors, and they’re super easy to clean – only two parts get dirty! But they’re definitely not a *green* option, since you throw away a little more plastic every time you feed (sigh).

So, removing those from the line-up, you get two of the most popular bottles out there- Dr. Brown’s and Avent. Many, many people use Dr. Brown’s, but honestly – I don’t love them. They are very complicated to use, store, and clean, and I just haven’t seen a dramatic difference in baby behavior from using them.

Inexplicably complicated

Less so.

Least complicated of all (just sayin’.)

The Avent also make it easier to see what size nipple you’re using.  {Why yes, nipples DO come in different sizes, so now you get to buy a whole brand new set every few months instead of just poking scissors into the hole when you get frustrated with your baby’s slow eating, like our parents did}. Usually, you use all the same size, but if your baby is transitioning between sizes, or you have twins or two babies {my hat goes off to you}, you might be working with two sizes at once.  It would be nice to know what size it is, without whipping out a magnifying glass and taking the whole bottle apart – and good luck if it already has milk or formula on it!

Even Great-Grandma can see it!

Why you gotta be so secretive?

And finally, my very favorite feature of Avent bottles: the handles.  We swiped this one from an Avent sippy cup {oh yeah, all the pieces are interchangeable with the sippy cups! So much less confusing!!). In an ideal world, every bottle feed would be done by holding your baby close and staring into his/her eyes, but let’s get real. Sometimes you just dang wish she could hold it herself, and these are a big help. It’s no different for breastfeeding mamas either… the acronym “nak” you may see in forum posts stands for “nursing at keyboard” 😉


In sum:

Dr. Brown’s


*Hard to read nipple size


*Less complicated

*Easy to read nipple size

*Easier to clean

*Handy dandy HANDLES!

*Interchangeable with sippy cups!

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