How to Have the BEST Mother's Day EVER.

This year, I heard many mamas stress out over Mother’s Day because they had to shop for gifts for, and plan outings with their own mothers, mothers-in-law, stepmothers, grandmothers, birth mothers, earth mothers, you name it.

When did Mother’s Day become more of a hassle than an honor? Mother’s Day is a misnomer; rather, it’s too short. It should be called “Mother’s Day Off” or “Mother’s Day to Herself”. It should be a day for moms to have a break from the 24 hour work of keeping her children fed, clean, entertained, and her house looking beautiful (or at the very least, livable).

I say mamas need to take it back! So this post is actually for dads:: here’s how to give your wife the BEST Mother’s Day ever. If you have a dear friend or family member who is a single mama, she deserves this kind of treatment EVEN MORE. Give it to her, and be the best friend/sister ever.

BEFORE Mother’s Day:: Pick up cards for her, her mother, your mother, and any other mothers you need to get cards for. Do it without being asked. Think of, purchase, and wrap a gift for your own mother. If your mother would like to see you for Mother’s Day, arrange to see her without inconveniencing your wife or making her come along. Bring your kids!

On the day of::

1)   Let her sleep in. Get up with the kids, feed them (or bring the baby to her for feeding and then take him back), get them dressed. Entertain them quietly or take them outside – it’s nice out in May.

2)   When she’s ready to wake up, have fresh coffee or tea ready. She will say good morning to the kids and then take a long, hot shower. Allow NO ONE to interrupt or knock on the door. You are a grown man – if the kids need something, help them find it, even if it takes 10 times as long as it would take her.

3)   While she’s in the shower, clean up the kitchen.

4)   Now you have some options. Ask her what she would like to do:

a)    the whole family does something fun together

b)   you take the kids and leave her home alone

c)    she goes out and does something by herself while you take care of the kids

 5)   If you and the kids are leaving, get all of their things packed up without help.

If you are staying home with the kids while she goes out, have her come home to a house that is in better shape than she left it., even if that means hiring professionals.

6)   Spend the entire day being the one to think about what everyone else needs. One kid has a runny nose? Grab a tissue. Someone’s whiny? It’s probably nap time.  In short, do what she does the other 364 (365 on a leap year) days of the year.

MOTHERS:: LET your partners do this for you.  If he dresses the kids in stripes with plaid, be grateful they’re dressed at all. BREATHE. Let go of control for one day, know your children will be alive and loved at the end of it, and spend a day on radical self-care.

Here’s to all the dads/partners who gave their wives this Mother’s Day this year! And if you didn’t, do it over next weekend. Trust me – the payoff will be HUGE.




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  1. Kate on May 23, 2012 at 2:33 pm

    Can you post this again next year on the first day of May? This sounds like MY kind of Mother’s Day! ♥

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