Sleep Coaching In Philadelphia

So, you’re tired. You’ve somehow accepted the fact that sleep deprivation is a rite of passage for new parents, even though you really really really want sleep. Guess what? Sleep deprivation does NOT have to be your reality. After years of serving families across NYC and NJ, we’ve recently expanded our services to the Philadelphia area! Get ready to feel like a better parent, a better version of yourself, while resting assured that your baby is the healthiest, sleep-filled baby possible. Sleep your way to a new normal through any one of our options including In-Person Sleep Coaching & Remote Sleep Coaching! 

In-Person Sleep Coaching

In-Person Sleep Coaching is the gold standard, the absolute best option. Your highly skilled sleep coach will actually MOVE IN WITH YOU. Yup, that’s right – we’re with you day and night, getting to know you and your baby and implementing a customized plan in real-time, tackling nights AND naps!

Making decisions with you, making recommendations, and leaving you with detailed guidelines that will be easy peasy to follow. You will also get four weeks of unlimited phone and email support, to help you deal with any bumps in the road and solidify all the work we did together.

Remote Sleep Coaching

With our Remote Sleep Coaching option you get 72 hours of unwavering support implementing your customized plan in real-time, but we stay in our own homes and keep an eye on things through a camera (in your baby’s room) and text, phone, or video chat with you. Just like in person, we’re observing, logging, and making recommendations. You get the same detailed guidelines and 4 weeks of follow-up support as in-person clients.

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