The Lost Art of Talking on the Phone

Anyone who knows me knows I love to talk. I can strike up a conversation with anyone – gas station attendants, waiters, other people on line at the grocery store – and of course, I love talking to my friends. Back in the day, before cell phones, I was on my cordless phone (that I bought with my own babysitting money, thankyouverymuch) as soon as I got home from school until I went to bed at night (needless to say, my family LOVED hearing my conversations.)

And you know what? I STILL love talking on the phone. Everyone now is all, “Don’t call me, just text” – and I get that. It’s fast and easy and you can juggle multiple conversations at once. I love texting, trust me. It’s a great way to answer a quick question from a client or make a plan with a friend, and sometimes even have a longer conversation (especially when I’m providing overnight newborn care and the baby is asleep in the room with me). But when it really comes down to it – whether it’s the logistics of a plan tweak for a sleep coaching client, or just listening to a friend tell me about her day and why she’s feeling stressed – I love hearing someone’s voice, in real time, and TALKING and LISTENING. I think you can dig deeper with questions and learn more when you’re talking. I may text like lightning, but speaking words is still easier. You can hear someone’s tone in a way you can’t when you text or email. You can empathize and truly listen in a way you can’t when you’re juggling multiple text conversations. I can sometimes tell if a potential client may be at risk for postpartum depression simply by how she tells me things are going with her newborn. I can also provide the space for her to open up emotionally in a way she may not over email, and know exactly the kind of postpartum doula support she needs.

We all say we hate talking on the phone, but when someone calls you up and truly engages with you, don’t you just feel wonderful? Isn’t it nice to spend a long highway drive talking to a good friend (on a hands-free, of course)? I challenge you to get on the phone today. Call a friend instead of texting. You might be surprised what comes out.

Not voicemail though. Never leave voicemail*. Voicemail is the worst.

*Unless you’re calling our business line and we don’t answer! Then voicemail is happily welcomed. We’ll call you back 🙂